Positive Trauma Synergistic Discoveries

A New Way to View PTSD
Positive Transformative Synergistic Discoveries: You did it right!!!
Thirteen truths about your trauma response and beyond:

  • You survived – your brain and nervous system responded in the right way during every trauma.
  • Everyone at some point in life experiences trauma-you are not alone.
  • You responded normally to an abnormal situation.
  • Trauma is trauma. Comparing your trauma to another person’s trauma doesn’t help healing.
  • Trauma is what happened to you; it isn’t about you. It doesn’t define you.
  • When the trauma ends; the chatter (internal dialogue) begins. This chatter is never true.
  • You are resilient. You are perfect.  The truth about the core of you is always good.
  • Your trauma can be a springboard into your own positive story.
  • Beyond trauma: you will find the peace and joy you are seeking.
  •  Trauma therapies aren’t about rehashing your traumatic story of survival but rather developing your own positive narrative and giving you healing tools and resources for living.

Diann’s belief system as stated in A Turquoise Life:
11. I believe we all have the power to choose our life. We have the power to control our destiny, rather than letting our circumstances control us. As adults, we have the choice to never think of ourselves as victims.

12. I came into this life to grow spiritually and to learn lessons. If one looks at life with the belief that everything happens for a positive reason, even if the reason is not apparent right away, then there is always a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Light leads to hope for tomorrow.

13. Dad thought death was better than shame. I believe secrets and shame fester into sickness. Talking and sharing bring health. The solution to shame is not death; it is sharing and living.

Therapy modalities used for trauma treatment: Inner Child, EMDR, SE, TFT, EFT, Psych-K, Voice Dialogue, Brainspotting, Heroic Journey, DBT, ACT.
© Kathy Bird 2014